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Elizabeth's latest writing project, a film called "Sunset" is completed. Elizabeth plays the lead in the short about a couple struggling with the loss of their only child.



A moment on the monitor from the set of "Sunset" in Beverly Hills, California.

Elizabeth's film "Sunset" has just been accepted into The IFS Film Festival!

As a Producer, Elizabeth is busy developing her new TV Series she co-created called "The Master Shot." The series will be a photography competition devoted to finding a new way to look at photography and the world. 



For writing inspiration, Elizabeth's life has been busy with travel. Her latest feature film script "Libertad" is receiving rave reviews in several screenwriting competitions and her television series "The Grunge" and "Dead Man's Curve" are currently being read by several production companies. Stay tuned!

Elizabeth's One Acts Plays 'Thanks for Coming" and "Thanks for Waiting" had a successful run at The Complex Theatre in LA

The cast of "Thanks for Coming" and "Thanks for Waiting"

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