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Biography /  Resume

A California Native, Elizabeth Noel Donovan started her career in front of the camera as a print, runway and fitness model.  


Her background as an overall athlete, fitness trainer, and her adventurous spirit made her a natural for television hosting and commercials.


While working as an actress in television, film, and on the stage, her interest was sparked to write her own projects.


Elizabeth's love for travel, the ocean and photography have influenced many of her writing projects. Humor, the arts and music were all prevalent in Elizabeth's childhood. Her strong work ethic was instilled by her parents who always supported her creative efforts and encouraged her to embrace her curious nature and enthusiasm for life.


As a producer, Elizabeth's vision is to create sophisticated  comedy and thought provoking drama for television, film and the stage and uplifting and inspiring material for the reality genre. 


Elizabeth is also a playwright. Her 2 One Act plays "Thanks for Coming' and "Thanks for Waiting" were produced in 2012 in Hollywood, at The Complex Theatre. 


Elizabeth's resume can be accessed at LA Casting.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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